Help in Other Ways

The Ashland Food Project needs help in a variety of ways beside food donation. If you’d like to contribute additionally or do something instead of donating or collecting food, take a look at this list and see if something else interests you. Then contact us and let us know how you’d like to help.

A great way to meet new people. Help us set up a table at one of Ashland’s supermarkets. Then have fun chatting with passersby, thanking current AFP members and signing up new ones. We’ll supply the materials and teach you how to do it. We usually work in 2-hour shifts.



Every once in a while, we organize a group-canvassing effort in a particular area of town, to expand our Food Donor base. Don’t worry if you’ve never knocked on doors before; we’ll team you with an experienced canvasser… so you’ll have fun with a partner while you learn. It’s an important way to keep the AFP growing!


3Helping at the Food Bank

On Pickup Day, dozens of volunteers pitch in at the Food Bank, accepting, sorting, and stocking the food delivered by the AFP. It’s an fun, celebratory atmosphere. Volunteers generally work in 2- or 3-hour shifts. Pickup Day is the second Saturday of each even month.


4Special Events

Got a few hours to spare? We can always use help with events…from the 4th of July parade to a potluck dinner. There are plenty of different jobs available for every event. And if you like planning events…well, have we got a job for YOU!

5Emergency Pick Ups

Every once in a while a Neighborhood Coordinator gets ill, is out of town, or just needs assistance on Pickup Day. When that happens, we need a list of people we can call on to pick up food in a pinch. (You need to have a vehicle, license, and insurance for this option.)


6Sharing Skills

Got a special skill or interest you’d like to share? We can probably use it! Writing, editing, web site or data management, bookkeeping, photography…you name it. Just let us know what you can (or would like to). We’ll find a place for it.


7Making Financial Donations

AFP is a volunteer-run organization, so we need funds for a wide variety of things, like purchasing our iconic green bags, printing reminder cards, finding food donors, and implementing volunteer retention tools. If you’d like to support us financially, make your tax-deductible donation by clicking the green button below and entering your city into the field. (We’ll send you a receipt for your taxes.) Thank you!

Contribute Now!

If you would like your contribution to purchase food only, please make a donation directly to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank

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